Back in Kenya

It’s difficult to appreciate the full experience of traveling with 4 children across the world.  8 hour road trip to the first airport. (food, snacks, potty breaks, are we there yet)  3 hours in the first airport (15 suitcases to check in, tearful good-bye that drags on, long security lines, finding food, carry-ons are too heavy, now what do we do, everyone go potty).  9 hours for the first flight (movies, food, sleep and potty).  3 hours in the 2nd airport (long security lines, potty breaks, carry-ons are too heavy, find food, now what do we do).  2nd 9 hour flight (movies, food, sleep and potty).  Landing in Nairobi, it’s dark, hot and sticky (the youngest breaking down due to exhaustion).  Long security lines leading through immigration to prove we belong in Kenya again (how long will this take, we need water and food).  15 suitcases ready to be picked off the conveyor belt filling 4 push carts with only 2 adults (potty break).  Yeah.  Push through security again into a dark parking lot (suitcases toppling off one of the carts more than once) to face countless taxi drivers offering their services until finally finding our drivers around midnight.  Then off to the hotel for a bit of sleep until starting the grueling 6 hour drive on the Kenyan roadways to Eldoret.

Here we are in front of the house


It’s a wonderful experience worth trying at least once in your life.  For us it has been several times but we never quite get excited about it.

After all that here we are in Kenya.  Staying at Tumaini Children’s Home while our shop is being prepared for us to move in.  We have been working hard cleaning it up and painting due to the many rats that lived and died on the premises while we were gone.  We hope to be in the shop soon and then we will be working hard to finish the construction of the house.  It’s not home yet but we know in the months to come Eldoret will become the place we walk with God and live out all that he has for us.

Pile of 15 dead rats

Cleaning up the shop