About Us

Family Keys International is a family ministry started by the Horace and Phyllis Leister family with the aim to restore God’s original intention for His family on this earth.  FKI exists to empower the body of Christ globally to understand God’s love as every member of His family should.  Our passion is to see all people recognize the acceptance, adoption and love our Father offers.  There are no orphans in God’s family and our father lacks nothing.  It remains our part to believe and walk hand in hand with our father and the rest of His family to see His intention realized on earth.


Horace and Phyllis moved to Kenya in September of 2007.  They arrived with 4 of their 8 children and a young lady in her 20’s all with great expectations to help orphaned and vulnerable children in the Eldoret region of Kenya.  With years of caring for foster children in the USA and having adopted 5 American children the Leisters were well equipped for the challenge.

After surviving the demoralizing post election violence of 2007-2008 in Kenya, Horace and Phyllis fully committed to nurture the next generation of leaders.  To do that they set out to establish more then an institution for orphaned children but instead a home and functioning family.  Tumaini Children’s Home is a product of that vision and devotion.

While Horace and Phyllis were changing the world one orphaned baby at a time their oldest son Joshua and his new bride Rachel extended the vision in another direction.  Desiring to help the helpless and make roads into difficult situations Joshua pursued a medical education in Kenya.  After four years he and Rachel emerged triumphant as the only known westerner to graduate as a Registered Clinical Officer in Kenya.  This allowed Joshua to serve and teach in a variety of medical settings caring for the most vulnerable.

As these two different aspects of the Leister family vision worked to assist each other in day to day survival and the pursuit of something greater the idea of Family Keys International was born.  Founded by the Leister family it functions to communicate and fund the ever expanding Leister family vision to disciple the nations.

Board Members

We have a loved and trusted team on our board.

Jeph and Jaclyn Chavez are Pastors of Hope Chapel Lewiston.  They have faithfully worked behind the scenes for the Leisters and the growth of Tumaini Children.

Alan Coons has been a trusted friend to the Leister family for years.  He has mission experience in multiple countries and continues to serve with River City Church also in Lewiston, Idaho.

Barry and Rochelle Holben are working with the Elijah House ministries.  They have a heart for the nations and continue to minister locally and internationally.