Priority Projects

1) Building a home for Josh and Rachel

The Bottom of the 10 acres

The bottom of the 10 acres looking up toward Tumaini










We are excited to say Josh and Rachel are moving their family back to Eldoret to take up residence on the same plot of land with the Tumaini family.  The 10 acre plot is 192 feet wide and really, really long.  As you can see from the top left photo it’s a good distance from the bottom fence to the Tumaini house.  It will be on this bottom acre that we will build a home for Josh and Rachel’s family.

The project has already begun with simply building a fence around the borders, digging a well (we successfully hit water

during the dry season), and building a shop/carport that will serve the Leisters in a variety of capacities.  House construction has also begun with the digging of footings, building stone foundation walls and erecting support pillars.  The initial muddy mess that delayed progress is now behind us as the dry season has come.  We are excited to start working again and complete the house as soon as possible.

Along side their house the Leisters intend to build a small guest house to provide shelter and hospitality to local and international visitors.  This has been in Rachel’s heart for a long time and will give great opportunity for the Leisters to be exposed to a variety of people and cultures as well as cultivating a culture of serving.

Due to the location of the house and the current distance to electricity the house will run completely on solar and wind power.  Yes even running electricity from the Tumaini house will be a great cost.  We are in the preliminary stages of exploration concerning this strategy but at this point will be moving forward with plans

to be off the grid.  The solar may be supplemented with electricity some years down the road if it becomes feasible but


won’t be a necessity allowing the home to be self dependent with it’s own water supply and electrical production.  Current cost estimates are around $6,000 to support the whole house.

$60,000 – $80,000 is our rough total estimate for property development and building the house and guest house.  After our 2018 year end push we are currently just over half way to our ultimate goal!

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