The Leister family has been living in Kenya going on 12 years.  In that time Josh and Rachel were married in Kenya followed by all four of their children being born in Kenya.  Their heart is to invest their lives and resources into others with intentions of revealing a powerful and loving God who is here with us now.

The Leisters currently live in Eldoret, Kenya on a 10 acre farm with the Tumaini family.  Josh, Rachel and their entire family are involved in mentoring the children of Tumaini and developing community locally.  Through daily relationship and providing structured opportunities for spiritual development like dance, drama and worship the Leisters are partnering with Tumaini to impact the world around them.

Josh continues to work in the medical field on a part time bases and provides medical care and education to Tumaini.

As a family the Leisters are involved in ministering into regions of East Africa where there is minimal church penetration.  Through various avenues of discipleship and leadership training they are impacting regions with little or no gospel presence.

The Leister family has a simple approach to their cross cultural life in a majority nation…

…Their vision is Jesus

…Their mission is to daily glorify God in all that they do

…They accomplish this in the power of the Holy Spirit


Their latest transition was a big move to Eldoret from Kapsowar.  They are excited to invest in family ministry with Josh’s parents, Horace and Phyllis who live in Eldoret with their huge family of 33 children and counting (Tumaini).  Family Keys International has begun a building project to supply Josh and Rachel with a house on the 10 acre plot of land that houses the Tumaini family.

Currently an offer has been given to match dollar for dollar donations up to $10,000 by the end of the year.  This is a great time to donate and double your giving efforts. 

If interested in helping with this project your welcome to donate to Josh & Rachel on the donation page.  Be sure to make a note “for the house fund.”  All other donations not designated for the house will go to Josh and Rachel’s personal needs.  Thank You!


Joshua and Rachel moved to Kenya in September of 2007.  At that time they were single adults in their 20’s with interest for one another.  As a trained nurse, Rachel was moving to Kenya to help Josh’s parents take care of orphaned children.  She was committed for a year in Kenya.  Josh on the other hand was taking a break from his Paramedic training in the USA to help his parents settle into their new home in Kenya.  His plan was for a short visit and then to return back to school in Portland, OR.

After 4 short weeks God’s plan began to materialize for Josh and Rachel.  They both knew their paths were intertwined forever and Kenya was their new home.  Getting married a few months later in Eldoret, Kenya was the first step on God’s adventure.  They later moved to Kisumu, Kenya for Josh to train as a Clinical Officer(similar to physician assistant) allowing him to provide much needed medical care to vulnerable people in the country and open doors into other regions of East Africa.  Finally graduating from Lake Institute of Tropical medicine in Kisumu and becoming a Registered Clinical Officer after 4 years of grueling medical training, Josh serves as the medical advisor for Tumaini Children’s Home and has volunteered full-time in various medical capacities in Kenya.

Amidst the challenges of cross cultural living and ministering Josh and Rachel have had 4 beautiful children born in Kenya(Tekoa-10yr, Eliza-8yr, Samuel-6yr, and Emmanuel-4yr).  Rachel works hard every day homeschooling and training their children up in the way they should go.  Inside and outside the home the Leisters are attempting to grow in family ministry allowing each of their children to reflect Jesus as only they can.  Together the Leister family loves to worship Jesus, make disciples and see God’s original intention realized on the earth.