“The whole earth will acknowledge the Lord and return to him.  All the families of the nations will bow down before him.”  Psalm 22:27

Tumaini Family
Kapsowar Kenya

What’s New!

Our Tumaini Children need a Home!

As mandated by the Kenyan government the Tumaini Children are required to have a larger home with more land in 1 year.  In pursuit of this Tumaini has been actively looking for property that may suit their needs.

After much toil and let down we have finally purchased a piece of property for the Tumaini Family.  At 10 acres it is bigger then we originally planned for but it is clearly God’s plan and provision.  The property is long and skinny (190 ft wide at the top and 2353 ft long) giving us ample room for expansion.

Much has been accomplished.  We have even set and reset the move in date multiple times hoping to get settled in.  Of course there is never a guarantee on timelines when it comes to building and especially in Kenya.  The house is still a work in progress but will be livable soon.

Thank you everyone who have contributed so much for this necessary labour of love.  The work is not yet finished but Tumaini has received enough money to finish the house.  Hopefully we will be moved in soon.

Please consider donating to the Tumaini New Home Project today through Tumaini Children’s Home.

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