“The whole earth will acknowledge the Lord and return to him.  All the families of the nations will bow down before him.”  Psalm 22:27

Tumaini Family
Kapsowar Kenya

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The Leisters are in the USA!

horace and Phyllis

Horace and Phyllis Leister are in the US to visit family and friends for the month of October.  Pray for them as they are away from their 33 children in Kenya.  Also pray as they enjoy their many children in the US.

Thank you for all your support and prayers for the ongoing ministry in Kenya with Tumaini Children’s Home.  The Tumaini family is living in their new home but the journey is far from over.  

One priority need is for each child to be fully sponsored for school.  Though Shinning Light School is on site it is fully certified in Kenya and there for must match government requirements.   There is always a need for funding and resources including uniforms, curriculum, school supplies, lunch, a building, desks, computers, lab equipment, sports equipment, etc.  The cost for each student is $65 a month to be fully sponsored.

Thank you everyone who have contributed so much for this necessary labour of love.  We see God’s miraculous faithfulness in so many faces as we recollect how countless people have gone above and beyond to live out the reality of the gospel in relation to Tumaini.

Please consider donating to Tumaini today through the Tumaini Children’s Home button.

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BUILDING A HOUSE for Josh and Rachel’s family!

Yes it is true.  Tumaini has moved into their new house and are putting the finishing touches on it.  What a blessing!   Now after nearly a year of prayer and counsel Josh and Rachel are moving back to Eldoret.  It is their heart and intention to work more directly with Horace and Phyllis in pursuit of a fuller family ministry.  This is consistent with the original plan that was set forth at the conception of Family Keys International.  Together with Tumaini, the Leisters will continue to forge ahead in all that God has intended for them and the generations following.

This transition will entail another building project for Family Keys Internation (FKI).  As the Leisters come together with a unified Kenyan presence for FKI, Josh and Rachel will move to the same farm now housing Tumaini.  The plan will be to build a home for Josh and Rachel’s family at the bottom of the 10 acres owned by FKI.  The project is in the infant stages and will require prayer and financial support to see it through to completion.  For more information visit our Priority Projects page and the page designated for Josh and Rachel.