“The whole earth will acknowledge the Lord and return to him.  All the families of the nations will bow down before him.”  Psalm 22:27

Tumaini Family


BUILDING A HOUSE for Josh and Rachel’s family.

TheWork Continues- Our latest update

Family Keys International (FKI) has been in the process of building a house for about a year.  Sometimes making exceptional progress and other times seemingly slithering along through the dust and rocks, but amazingly the work has never stopped thanks to so many generous people.  Even as this is written the work continues.

The house being built is intended to be a house of ministry to disciple the nations.  It will also be the home for Josh and Rachel Leister with their four children for this current and upcoming seasons of their lives.  This is a tremendous opportunity for FKI to have the Tumaini family with Horace and Phyllis Leister and the Josh and Rachel Leister family on the same ground multiplying Kingdom investments.

The outside is almost finished. Needs some glass and some paint.

Basketball court with home made adjustable hoop.

The guesthouse has begun.

Though slowly we are getting closer every day.  The adjustments have been made and to below list depicts all remaining items to finish the main house.  Remaining is a grand total of about $11,000.  Of course then we will have to consider the guest house.

Interior/exterior paint – $900.                Glass for windows/install – $950

Tile for main floor/install – $3,500           Loft floor – $2,300

Framing loft walls – $1,000                   Loft wall board – $500

Loft railing – $175                                 Outside finishings – $1,500

Electric install and fixtures – $1,000       Material for furniture – $850

Kitchen cabinet/sink/faucet – $2,750.     Cooker – $500

Bathroom sinks, faucets, cabinets, shower, tub$950 $500

Finish Plumbing – $300.                       Iron sheets – $350

Timber for finish work – $1,000.            Water Solar – $1,500

Expand electrical solar – $4,000.          Rain tank and stand – $600


For more information visit our Priority Projects page and the page designated for Josh and Rachel.

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